Private Aircraft Ownership – The Importance of Top Quality Equipment

Owning your own aircraft has many benefits. Many business professionals who do a great deal of traveling choose to purchase an aircraft of their own which allows them to ravel in total comfort and privacy. From the chief executive who has a hectic schedule to the salesman who must cram 15 cities into one week, owning your own aircraft is an ideal alternative to avoiding the stress and hassles of booking commercial flights. Regardless if you travel for business or pleasure, the ultimate flexibility and convenience of owning a light aircraft is unmatched. No more crowded airports and long lines-you can fly directly to your destination on your schedule without worrying about delayed flights or making connections.

Along with the responsibility of aircraft ownership, you must be sure that you have the best quality equipment on board to ensure smooth and trouble-free flying. One of the best ways to find outstanding aviation equipment is to visit a pilot shop or aviation supply store. Aviation stores are your one-stop shopping location for headsets, intercoms, GPS units, charts, apparel and aviation oil. There are more light aircraft taking to the skies today which has resulted in more aviation stores popping up-allowing pilots more choices than ever before when it comes to finding great deals on the best equipment.

It is very important to have great communication devices on board to ensure interruption-free communications between yourself and the ground. Your radios and transceivers must be 100{5ee11404e957289b2d225099b4f7d52b5549ec41b8e6ad1d623dc3506be9751a} reliable and trustworthy and made to the highest standards and specifications.

Vertex is one of the leading manufacturers of two way radios. The company has an unblemished reputation for excellence. Vertex products meet the US Dept. Of Defense MIL810 standard, the IS standard for use during emergencies as well as Europe’s ETIS standard.

A vertex radio is rugged and designed to stand up to years of abuse. Most private pilots prefer the Vertex hand held radios because they are built rugged and also due to the fact that they are easy to use-which is important for this type of back-up radio. A good deal of the hand held models are built to withstand immersion in water, have back-lit keypads and displays with a dimmer function as well as built-in battery savers with one touch emergency frequency access. You certainly do not want to have to refer to a user’s manual when in flight. Many pilots love being able to talk to fellow fliers on the ground when in flight. Vertex radios provide this service with100{5ee11404e957289b2d225099b4f7d52b5549ec41b8e6ad1d623dc3506be9751a} reliability.

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