Say Hello to Halong Bay

Vietnam is a diverse country with spectacular landscapes and a happy, friendly people. The country is home to the captivating Halong Bay. While once a hidden gem, more and more travellers are discovering its allure and it’s no wonder this stunning natural masterpiece is regarded as a natural wonder of the world. Taking a Halong Bay cruise is the best way to experience the magic and local culture for yourself.

New7Wonder of Nature

165km from the capital Ha Noi, located in the Gulf of Tonkin, in northeast Vietnam lies the magical and inspiring Halong Bay, home to 3000 incredible islands emerging from the beautiful emerald waters. The best way to get to see these and the beaches and grottoes is in a leisurely fashion on a Halong Bay cruise. 100 million votes were cast worldwide and the bay has been named as a natural wonder of the world by the New7Wonder of Nature campaign, as well as being a recognised UNESCO world heritage site.

The Legend

Asia is brimming with myths and legends and Vietnam is no exception. Translating as ‘descending dragon bay’, legend has it that the thousands of islands were created by a dragon who lived in the mountains when he gouged out the valleys with his great tail. Seeing these sights on a Halong Bay cruise gives you an opportunity to explore in your own time.

Welcome aboard

With more than 3000 islands there is a lot to see but it’ll be up to you how much you want to take in and what you’d like to do in Halong Bay. Cruises can last one day, two or even three; each local tour company will offer a different itinerary and activities for you to engage in. Guides will usually speak good English and if you choose to stay overnight onboard, meals will be included.


Souvenir hunting is a huge threat to the natural preservation of the area, and there is no shortage of unscrupulous traders looking to make a quick sale from an unsuspecting tourist. Beware and steer clear of local shops or stalls selling rare corals and seashells that have been pulled from the sea floor as this practice damages the delicate eco-system. As well, in some cases stalactites and stalagmites that have been broken off from the walls of the caves are sold by these traders -these are sometimes turned into key rings, paperweights or even ashtrays. Please don’t become part of this illegal trade, even unwittingly.

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