Hill Station Tours in India – In the Lap of Pristine Nature

Hill Station Tours in India – In the Lap of Pristine Nature

As a tourist destination, India offers an extensive list of places to visit with each destination offering a distinct experience. India is famous for its diversity, be it cultural or geographical, attracting tourists from around the world. Besides the exotic beaches of South India, princely Rajasthan and the historical heritage buildings in and around Delhi, the hill station tours in India make for an elegant and serene Indian holiday alternative. There are a number of travel operators in India who offer an array of flexible itineraries as hill station tour packages across India.

Talking about hill station tour in India brings to fore, names like Shimla, Ooty, Nainital, and Srinagar among others. Notwithstanding the fact that these are some of the most frequented travel destination in India, there are many breathtaking picturesque havens among mountain ranges that make for an enchanting expedition during Indian travel.

The sweeping valleys and lush landscape of the Himalayan range in the north offer some of the choicest retreats in India. Besides panoramic views, charming ambience and a serene jaunt, tourists can also follow trekking trails and embark on adventure trip of the scenic Himalayas some of which are virtually pristine.

Mount Abu situated amidst the highest peaks of the Aravali Range is one of the prime destinations in Rajasthan, away from the scorching heat of city. Ooty, Munnar and Kodaikanal are some of the tourist attraction which offers tranquil sanctuary in the southern part of India.

Travelling across the sweeping hills and mountains also has its own benefits. One advantage is that the travelers get to witness the pristine beauty and the diverse flora and fauna offered by these breathtaking destinations. Other advantage of hill station tours is that since they are located at moderately high altitude, these places are cool haven as compared to the relatively warm temperature of India. Also these destinations are sparsely populated hence lesser congestion, traffic and pollution as compared to the cities and towns of India.

India is a large country offering an array of hill station tour options and could pose a serious challenge as which destinations to cover. Since a traveler only has a limited time and resources, it is virtually impossible to travel across the destinations which are scattered over a large area. Travelers on an Indian holiday may find it rather knotty to choose from among the choices that are available and it is here tour packages offered by travel operators come in handy. The customized itineraries have been designed by the operators for the hill station tour packages in order to optimize the resource utilization. These tailored packages – which can be flexible – ensure that the travelers make the most of their limited time and resources.

Besides it is rather difficult to identify and opt for a destination in an unexplored place for tourists since they are mostly stranger to the place they are visiting. Hence a travel operator comes in handy while trying to plan an itinerary for hill station tour in India.

The picturesque haven of Indian hills are endowed with lush meadows, panoramic views, salubrious weather, cascading streams and waterfalls which is well complimented by the serenity and splendor of a rejuvenating experience that pervade through eyes, bedazzle the heart and touches the soul, bringing about a harmony of being.

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