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The process of learning to fly is a really a great learning-experience, but not always easy at first. One thing is for sure, it will be a totally new experience for you. The space will be confined up there in the clouds, and you will be flooded with many new and exciting stimuli that will make your nerves work overtime, and may even interfere in the learning-process if you allow yourself to become too uneasy. But once you have gotten past the feeling of being unnerved, you can start along the pathway of becoming a truly great pilot.

Commonly, Cessna’s are used to meet your flight training requirements. When flying a Cessna, the single-engine aircraft normally feels bumpier than a rough ocean because the wind will push your every corner. Even though it has a small cockpit, smaller than the average compact vehicle, you will hear the single engine sound which will buzz much like a lawnmower. You can’t imagine a whole lot of space separating you from the air outside the cabin or from the ground. It is totally different when you are learning to fly rather than riding in a comfortable jet.

At first you might feel so overwhelmed that you may have a hard time distinguishing between the gauges. When you start to feel more comfortable, try to set the compass which is on the gauge used to set the atmospheric-pressure. By doing this you can monitor your aviation fuel. As when you are in your car, you can monitor the level of gas by reading the gauge. Don’t be surprised by the lush, poignant smell of aviation fuel. It is a normal reaction to be surprised by the odor, but later (as you begin to associate it with the feeling of exhilaration that flight gives you) you will learn to appreciate it. Usually people think being in a small plane is disconcerting, but nothing matches the feeling of overwhelming excitement that flight gives you once you become accustomed to flight. It is important for beginners to test the limits of the airplane and learn deal with airsickness.

Always bear in mind that with learning to fly there is a steep learning curve. Later, during your check ride test, you will be engaging in a testing process that takes place in a high pressure atmosphere and miles above the ground. You will be controlling the plane from the very start of your flight to the finish. By this time, you must be prepared and ready to react spontaneously as circumstances change. It is also important to pay attention in every flight because you cannot afford to make mistakes. Remember that f you make a serious error when flying, the consequences can be deadly, so above all stay focused while flying. The more confident you are going in, the better you will do. There are some measures that will help ensure your own safety. For starters, learn anything and everything you can on aviation and flight training so that you are as prepared as possible heading into your testing. As well as the usual classes and training, the internet offers a variety of wonderful resources especially designed for pilots in training. Many of the courses are even life.

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