Booking Cheap International Flights to Asia

If you are having a hard time finding cheap international flights to Asia you are not alone. Most major international airlines are cashing in on the fact that Asia is a hotspot for tourists from Europe and American and will very rarely if ever, offer cheap international flights to Asia.

The good news is that persistence pays and in your search for cheap international flights to Asia here are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that you will get the best deal?

Should You Book Your Cheap International Flights to Asia early or late?

Can you count on getting a bargain at the last minute? With costs going up for all the international airlines, it seems that the odds of getting cheap international flights to Asia at the last minute are very slim.

If at all there is a cheap air fare, you can be sure it will be snapped up quickly; most likely on the first hour of the first day itself. Deals are available, but last minute deals are rare. Airlines are encouraging people to book in advance through discounted offers and very often cheap international flights to Asia are available a couple of months in advance. Airline budgets are getting tighter and the number of flights going out to destinations is being reduced to maximize profit.

The Early Bird gets the Cheap International Flights to Asia

In general, booking early will get you a good deal; booking a summer flight in January or February will be far less costly than booking the same flight in March or April. With the reduction in capacity, half empty planes are becoming less and less common. This means that the chance of snapping up a last minute deal is low.

However, you should never say never. In the event that you cannot find cheap international flights to Asia, one of the options you can explore when travelling in Asia is the low cost carriers that operate within the major hubs in the region. Singapore’s Changi Airport could be considered a hub for many of the major air carriers, much like Atlanta in the United States.

Low Cost Carriers and Cheap International Flights to Asia

There are many low cost, no frills airlines around the world. However, they mostly operate in a given region and rarely travel between continents. This means that even if you cannot find cheap international flights to Asia, you can still avail of bargain prices on domestic flights between the cities of the same country. Some low cost carriers will also operate between Asian countries.

If you are travelling around Asia, it might be an idea to consider booking flights on the low cost carriers between the countries that you intend visiting. Long haul flights offered by low cost airlines are only now being introduced between London and some parts of Southeast Asia. However, travel between south eastern Asian countries such as Singapore and Vietnam can be accomplished relying mainly on the low cost air carriers. There are also a handful of domestic airlines operating in Asian countries.

For example, if India is on your travel itinerary, you should note that there are half a dozen low cost airlines competing in India, so you may get a good deal on domestic flights on the subcontinent.

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