Wonderful Place to Live – Zurich

Wonderful Place to Live – Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland with about 376,815 people living in the city. It is the cultural and commercial center of Switzerland. The city can be counted as one of the prominent global cities in the world.

Zurich Switzerland is the best place to live for so many reasons. In terms of transport, Zurich has several railway stations including Hauptbahnhof, the main station. Other stations are Stadelhofen, Enge, Altstetten, Wiedikon, Hardbrucke and Tiefenbrunnen.

The high-speed trains in Zurich are the InterCityExpress, TGV, and Cisalpino. Zurich International Airport is located 10 km northeast of the city of Kloten and the airfield in Dubendorf to be used for military aviation. This place is well-connected to the rest of Europe by train, with direct trains to Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Budapest, and many other cities.

It is also an advantage that Zurich is multi-lingual. The official language used is German, while the most commonly spoken dialect is Zurich German- the local dialect of Swiss Germans. Other languages commonly used are Italian, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, and Albanian.

Zurich is a religious city and remains the stronghold of Protestantism. There are a number of notable churches like Grossmunster or the Greatest Minster, Fraumunster or the Lady’s Minster, St. Peter that has the largest church clock face in the world, and Kunsthaus Zurich. Kunsthaus houses one of the largest collections in Classic Modern Art in the world.

There are also several notable museums. The Swiss National Museumis located in Platzspitz park. The Haus Konstruktiv is made of concrete and conceptual arts and designs. The Uhrenmuseum Beyer documents the history of timekeeping and timekeepers.

Other Zurich attractions worth mentioning are Lindenhof, the site of the Roman and Medieval castle, and some guild houses along the river. There are also old town on both sides of the river, and zoological garden.

The Parade-Platz is a plaza, center of financial activity with the world-headquarters of several Swiss banks. Also see Masoala Rainforest Ecosystem, Lake Zurich, and Fluntern Cemetery.

Uetliberg is a hill with great view over the city. Sihlcity opened last year which includes a shopping center and a movie theater.

Zurich is considered a global city and a leading financial center. There are many financial institutions that locate their headquarters in Zurich. For one is the Swiss Stock Exchange. The Greater Zurich Area is Switzerland’s economic center and home to a vast number of international companies.

Many universities, colleges, and gymnasiums are in Zurich. The technical university ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich are well-known and reputed internationally. They are listed as one in top 200 universities in the world.

Famous figures who lived in Zurich are Richard Avenarius, Marcel Grossman, Gottfried Keller, Johanna Spyri, Hugo Koblet, Bruno Ganz, Heinz Gunthardt, Albert Einstein, Tina Turner and Vesselina Kasarova.

Zurich holds some regular festivities. One is the Street Parade, currently the biggest open air techno rave in Europe.

Swiss National Day is held every first day of August. Celebrations are carried out in many cities in the evenings and fireworks are launched at night.

Zuri Fascht occurs every 3 years. These are weekend festivals celebrating Zurich.

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