Which Airline is the Safest One?

After the crack-up happened on January, 17 with the safest in the world plane Boeing 777 owned by the “British Airways” company, many people once again started taking serious thoughts. Of course, all airlines ever had crashes, and this doesn’t mean that they are not safe. However, there are companies, which have almost no such incidents.

Over its 87-year history Australian airline “Qantas” had several serious crack-ups only in the first days of its existence. However, ‘Qantas’ still remains the safest company, if by “safety” we mean the mileage flew by the air carrier without fatalities. Hundreds more companies match this definition, among them are – EasyJet, Aer Lingus and Virgin Atlantic.

In November EC issued the list of the top most dangerous airlines; in accordance with it all the air carriers from Equatorial Guinea, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan and Liberia were forbidden in its airspace. For example, the Indonesian national carrier Garuda had 14 mishaps for last 50 years.

So, which planes are the safest ones? Before the incident in Heathrow, Boeing 777 and Airbus 340, which are in usage for few years now, have met with the smallest number of crashes. And as for the list of the safest planes based upon the average number of crashes, none of them can give the 100{5ee11404e957289b2d225099b4f7d52b5549ec41b8e6ad1d623dc3506be9751a} guarantee. Willbur Wright (one of the Wright brothers – American engineers, inventors and aviators) would say: “If you seek for safety, you’d better sit on the fence and count the crows.”

Well, not only the airline can be the reason of your worries and troubles. There is a list of the most problematic airports of the world that is based upon various interesting criteria such like flight delays and baggage lost.

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