When Flying, Don’t Trust Anyone!

This might make you think that I have a trust issue… Ha ha, well maybe while I’m flying this is true. It is also a very good way of thinking to help keep you and I safe while flying. What I mean by this and what I have told my students in the past is to never trust other pilots to do what they are supposed to do. ALWAYS expect them to do something crazy and unexpected. This gets you in a watchful frame of mind. This will help keep you safe. Expect the other aircraft to pull out onto the runway while you are on final. Expect the opposite traffic to not give you the Right of Way. Expect the other pilot to do the opposite from what they just announced they were gonna do.

Why you ask? I’ve seen all of these things and more. If you expect the other aircraft to pull out in front of you then you are ready to say or do something IF it happens! You are thinking of ways to avoid a bad situation in case it shows its ugly head. Expecting others to fly perfectly by the rules makes you become lax. You ASSUME they are doing what they should be doing and that is when accidents happen. There are many things happening in the aviation environment and you want to be as safe as you possibly can be. One way to help do that is to expect others to jump when they are not supposed to. Always leave yourself outs. Be Prepared. Anyone can become distracted, overwhelmed or just plain busy with all the things happening while you are flying.

Its a very simple concept….Don’t believe that other aircraft, or vehicles for that matter, will do what you expect them to. Expect the Unexpected… Its easy to think, “Oh he sees me.” or “That truck won’t cross this taxiway.” WRONG! If you assume it and they don’t see you, or they don’t stop, then you might have a bad day. Nobody likes bad days.

Flying can be a very, very enjoyable past time and/or career. It is also very challenging (which is part of the excitement). Keep the right mindset and it will continue to be fun and exciting!

Keep Flying Safe..



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