Wedding Disc Jockey Searches – Tips to Find the Perfect Wedding DJ on the Internet

Finding a mobile wedding DJ in your area can be as easy as opening the yellow pages or asking a friend for a recommendation, but in the twenty first century, it’s much easier to find a quality wedding disc jockey to service to your needs using Internet resources.

Google is the first site that comes to mind when one thinks of searching, well, anything. However, Google can be used more than just a website search engine. Google Maps has been enhanced to cater to those looking for specific locations, prices, and reviews from customers. By searching what you want, in this case a wedding DJ, followed by the town you are hosting your event, the first link that will appear will bring you to Google maps. Little red dots indicate where mobile DJs are located and as you zoom across the map, new mobile DJs in different areas will begin to appear on the map with their details and website link information listed on the left. This is a great way to begin searching around for DJs and their websites because it literally sifts through the “garbage” that is usually splurged out of Google and organizes in a manner that can be quite useful.

Although it usually isn’t the best idea to simply go with the DJ nearest to your catering center, disc jockey travel costs are always something to consider when hiring a DJ. By starting with DJs who are located near your reception center, you’ll be able to determine whether or not you can avoid those hefty travel costs that sometimes accompany a DJ who must travel an hour or two to reach your reception hall. Starting with DJs who are closest to the hall is a very smart way to begin your search for a disc jockey.

As you are searching through Google Maps, begin to look at the information displayed on the left of the page. You’ll see address information, a phone number, a link to their website, and a link to view reviews. Sometimes, if the company has been rated, you’ll see stars. By clicking on the companies name, more information will appear on the map. Be sure to begin visiting the DJs’ websites to get more information on the companies and begin selecting prospective DJs for the interview process.

In addition to Google Maps, a plethora of resources can be found on other websites such as,, and Most DJs list themselves on at least one of these websites. Some of these websites offer honest testimonials from previous customers and event guests who have worked with the DJ in the past. By giving yourself a full view of the disc jockey, you’ll be much more prepared for the interview and one step closer to choosing the right disc jockey for your event.

Using the yellow pages, contacting a friend, and attending wedding shows are all still very good ways to look for mobile wedding DJs, but in the twenty first century, don’t hold yourself back from using the resources on the Internet to help you find a disc jockey. Not only will these resources save you time, but they’ll provide you with valuable feedback and other information that is not available anywhere else.

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