Viva La Bali, Indonesia

The Australians know it and gosh do they love it… the Russians know it and don’t they just love the prices… maybe you should visit the heart stopping Island of Bali.

The island feel is quite different from that of Thailand and the surrounding Indonesian islands, an overgrown town or dwarf city runs the entire width of the island providing a bustling metropolis Indonesian tourist culture. I say tourist culture as this is not the Indo way of living, I am quite sure that if you were to visit a dainty town in the mainland half the public would be 24 hour taxi drivers and the other half selling bracelets, but nevertheless the air is highly charged and the area has a good overall feeling.

Surfers from all over the world hit up the semi famous beaches surrounding the area known as Kuta which promise reliable and powerful waves, the perfect opportunity to show off to the thousands of bikini clad girls which line the shores. Kuta beach itself is well known for world famous surf competitions drawing in large names and mainstream watersports brands from Australia. So much so that Bali is one of the only places in Asia you can find actual genuine clothing from the manufacturer whose brand is attached to it. This is not to say that fakes are not abundant presenting a humorous juxtaposition between the towering Billabong surf equipment store and the guy who stands outside muttering ‘Billibang’ under his breath and motioning to his collection of rebranded Primark quality garments.

A sporty place for sure, Bali isn’t only known for its surfing but has a great reputation for almost all watersports; Rental and tour shops line the streets and shores offering wake boards, wind surfing, kite surfing, jet skis, banana boats, speed boat trips, snorkeling tours, kayaking, paddle boarding, scuba diving and personalized experiences.

Surrounded by mountainous areas the coast and ocean are not the only places for a holiday maker to entertain themselves. Trekking and hiking routes web the terrain with the option to go alone or with a tour guide.

Bali is split up into several sections, some better known for some things and of course other for others.

A great draw for Suba Divers Bali is part of what is known as the Coral Triangle, an area with incredibly high and diverse marine biological species, in the triangle alone more than 500 Coral reef building species can be sighted. This might not sound as impressive until I tell you it’s about seven times as many as can be found in the islands making up the Caribbean.

Aside from sport related activities the nightlife in Bali covers a full range from disgusting but affordable to Norwegian posh, something for everyone a guy with little imagination might say. Or if you are looking for daytime low energy entertainment please check out Bali’s museum district, famous for sculptures, artifacts, leatherwork and metal work, Indonesian art has come a long way but has never ceased to be fascinating.

The province Indonesia includes not only Bali Island but a few other nearby land spits. One to visit would be Nusa Penida to the West, or take a trip to Java and Lombok, enjoy your trip.

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