Travel Tips For Vagabond Travelers in America

A vagabond traveler needs not be the typical homeless wanderer relying on Shrubs, left-over and river water. Ideally defined as back-packers – vagabonds do not plan their trips and they keep moving place to place in search for excitement. So, if you are backpacker vagabond traveling to America then this article is rightly meant for you. Here are some basic tips (though funny they may sound) to be considered for a better experience throughout your nomadic trip.

Like memories of your trip? Ensure you have a journal. An online blog won’t be as good as pen & paper material. Read them after 20 years and you know what we mean. Vagabonds traveling through America can be as much a story (and not diary/journal). If you drink alcohol then always carry your own bottle/wine openers. Often you will found yourself stranded with a bottle of wine or beer and nothing to open. That would be such a bummer.

A vagabond traveler in America always carries pack of playing cards. It will help you kill boredom and make new friends. A roll of toilet paper is a versatile traveling requirement in so many ways and not just a wiper. Use plastic bottles for carrying stuff and not glass bottles. Glass bottles mean as much more weight to carry. They are handy for your salt, pepper, detergent powder and what not. Also, keep stocking sachets of ketchup, vinegar, tissues, salt and anything you get wherever and whenever you get them.

Another good idea to get interactive with locales of America during your vagabond trip will be to increase your own GK. Find out little facts about your own country and town which people like to ask. Buy calling cards smartly. There are several options available in market. Find the one which can have you call maximum number of minutes. A backpacker card like VIP, HI and others will help you save a lot of money when staying in hostels.

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