Top Two Attractions in Northern Ireland’s Capital City

On any visit to Northern Ireland it is well worthwhile to stop off in its capital city, Belfast. Among the hustle and bustle of city life there are two top attractions that are well worth a visit especially if you are looking to trace the city’s Titanic connection.

Titanic Belfast

Belfast is the home of the original place where the famous liner was built. Indeed 2012 marked the 100 year passing of the tragic event when so many lost their lives when the Titanic hit an iceberg.

Now in memory of this, Belfast is home to a fantastic new Titanic museum or Titanic Belfast as it is known. It is the latest in a list of around 200 Titanic museums in the world.

You can clearly see the Titanic Belfast in full view as it has 4 large hulls said to resemble the ship as you approach what is now aptly called the Titanic Quarter in Belfast. This quarter is a newly developed area of the city beside the River Lagan in Belfast, with the Titanic Belfast building the centre of attention.

Indeed the new building sits beside the very spot where the original Titanic was built. As soon as you enter you are into a story that captures the tales of the design, creation, building and launch of the ship. You can imagine the stories of the people who were part of the ships history whether workmen, crew or passengers who travelled on her maiden voyage.

The Titanic was certainly a memory that was always associated with Belfast and the new Titanic Belfast ensures that Belfast remains a special place in Titanic’s history.

Belfast City Hall, Belfast

Set in beautiful grounds in the city centre Belfast City Hall has its own connection with the Titanic.

Indeed you have not one but two monuments that relate to the Titanic.

The first of these is the Titanic memorial which is a memory to the lives of all those who were lost in the Titanic disaster. The second belongs to Sir Edward Harland who was the former head of Harland and Wolff, the shipyard where the Titanic was built.

The building itself is an imposing building set in about an acre and a half of grounds. These beautiful grounds are very popular for city workers at lunchtime.

When you leave the grounds and walk inside you will see the Grand Entrance. Then as you walk through straight ahead your eye is drawn to the Grand staircase which takes you up to the Great Hall. It is a most beautiful Victorian building well worthy of any visit to the capital city of Northern Ireland.

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