Top 5 Romantic Getaways in Europe

When it comes to romantic travel, we often think of a sunny day in some European city and admirable surroundings, featuring the fabulous history, culture, art, lifestyle and exquisite shopping scene. However, when it comes to traveling with the love of your life, we often can’t think of which place can it be to give you and the love of your life a dreamy experience of traveling with loads of soothing moments and delightful mood. To give those people a direction and offer the most picturesque inspiration to go on for a romantic getaway, we give you a list of the best of the best romantic destinations in the Europe that will definitely set your mood and give you a heavenly experience of traveling as a couple:

1. Amsterdam

The Dutch capital have always been among the most stunning places in the Europe to cater students, solo travelers, family vacationers and group trips. However, people have rarely perceived Amsterdam as a destination for couple. Featuring the picturesque canals, mind-blowing historical sites and spellbinding natural bliss scattered all over the city, there is nothing else required to give you a perfect romantic getaway. Needless to say, the safe surroundings and vibrant range of attractions and activities will give you the most remarkable experience of visiting a European city.

2. Venice

As we are on the topic of canals, which city is there that can beat the charm and beauty of Italian marvel Venice? The thriving getaway option, prominently visited by the couples on their honeymoon, Venice have been enlisted in many magazines and surveys as one of the most romantic getaway options in the Europe as well as the rest of the world. With its scenic canal boat rides and marvelous range of Gothic and medieval architectures, Venice is capable to set mood for anyone and offer the most scenic experience of voyaging across the Europe especially when you are holding the hands of your lifeline and savoring on every delight this Italian city has to offer.

3. Crete

For couples who fond of beaches more than anything and can have the best time at the sandy shores whilst admiring the scenic hues of the horizon, Crete can be one of the most fabulous delights to savor on. A picturesque island, stretched on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Crete features the most outstanding diversity of natural landscapes including the superlative sandy shores with palm trees on the boardwalk whilst the backdrop of the mainland is showing-off the sky-piercing Mount Ida. With its fame that starts from the peak of the Mount Ida and goes from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, you can enjoy the sight of Ideon Caves that will give you the entire picture of skies, oceans and world beneath the surface.

4. Santorini

The Greek cities have always been a popular getaway option for couples especially when they are planning for their honeymoon in the Europe. However, Santorini is among a few destinations in the Greece that is famous among not only the newlywed couples, but also for the love birds who have been facing all the highs and lows of the life for a long time. The spellbinding view of sunset from the highlands of the Santorini is sufficient to give you a dreamy experience and enjoy your romantic getaway to the fullest without being worried about the surroundings. The awesome hospitality of the Santorini have been quite popular these days and can offer you a stay filled with loads of pampering and delighting experiences.

5. Paris

Any list about the romantic places can never be completed without mentioning the city of romance Paris. Often perceived as the most expensive city to travel, Paris is truly a magical experience for romantic couples where at one side, the Eiffel Tower is piercing the sky, the other side is filled with an enormous amount of creativity, dreamy settings, parks, fine dining options, exquisite heritage sites and impeccable lifestyle. For those who have crossed Paris from their travel bucket list just in the impression of being expensive can enjoy their heart out by just planning a little ahead and budgeting their entire trip with some healthy travel tips to save money in Paris such as eating in a decent restaurant, not emphasizing on expensive shopping of wine and more.

Although, there can be dozens of other cities that may woo your heart with a simple glimpse, but if you are looking forward for a getaway that consist of loads of lovely moments to cherish for the rest of your life and spellbinding experiences to set your mood to enjoy the company of your love throughout your vacation in the Europe, you should probably consider the places we have enlisted above and ensure a joyful and romantic getaway with loads of fabulous treats and enthralling moments. In case, you think that European trips may cost you a fortune, you should find some reliable travel agency that can also offer you some offers on romantic travel and help you to save more with fewer worries of booking things individually.

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