Top 5 Airlines Promising to Offer the Cheapest International Air Tickets

The reduction in the cost of air travel in the past few years has increased its demand significantly. As per International Air Transport Association (IATA) reports, the demand will increase even further in the coming years, and over 900 new fliers may enjoy the benefits of this highly efficient mode of transportation between 2013 and 2017. Carriers all across the globe try to cut down their cost of operation in order to offer the cheapest international air tickets to passengers. Here is a list of the top five airlines in the world that offer most economical services. These airlines have been selected after going through online booking statistics.

FireFly Airline

Travellers looking for cheap international air tickets can check FireFly booking options. It has been listed as one of the most cost efficient operators in the world. Operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Malaysian Airlines, FireFly is full-fledged carrier based in Malaysia. This airline commenced operations in 2007, and around 19 cities in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia with a fleet size of 17 aircraft. It has placed an order for 16 turboprop planes, scheduled to be delivered in the coming years. As per several reports, new destinations may be added in FireFly booking list in the coming future.

AirAsia Airlines

It is also a Malaysia-based airline, operating as an aviation foray of the Tune Group. This low-cost carrier (LCC) has its headquarters and primary hub at Kuala Lumpur international Airport. It serves more than 100 destinations all across the globe and owns more than 180 aircraft designed by Airbus and Boeing. In addition to this, it also manages its subsidiaries in Thailand, Indonesia and Japan. The Indian arm of this LCC was launched a few months back, which is performing quite well in the new market. It is expected that AirAsia India may soon start its global operations.


This LCC owned by the Sun Group of India, is one of the most efficient service providers in the country. It commenced operation in 2005, and currently serves over 48 domestic and international destinations. Most of its flights are operated from the primary hub at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. The airline is popular for offering economical services without compromising with the quality of in-flight amenities.


This Mexican LCC is partly owned by the largest low-cost carrier of Europe – Ryanair. The airline monitors most of its operations from the headquarters in the grounds of General Mariano Escobedo International Airport. It started operations in 2006 and owns a mixed fleet of the latest Airbus and Boeing models. In addition to this, it recently placed an order for over 35 Airbus 320 Neos, and delivery for the same will start from 2015.

Onur Air

It is a Turkey-based airline, which operates from its primary hub at Ataturk International Airport. Currently, it owns around 21 aircraft and serves over 25 destinations.

These airlines focus on operating at the lowest possible cost in order to provide the most economical service to fliers.

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