Three Good Places to Go Skimboarding in Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii simply is paradise, it also has some of the best places to go skimboarding in the world. One of the best places is on Maui, Big Makena. The shores are known for their great slopes and being very wide. The waves can get as big as 12 feet, which are great for skimboarding. Big Makena usually isn’t very crowded either which all skimboarders desire. There are some big rocks there so watch out for those, other than that it’s the ideal place. Big Beach Makena is very easy to get to. When you’re on Maui simply ask some locals or pick up a tourists map anywhere.

Another great place is called Kaanapali. This beach is very famous for what’s called sidewash and most of the time is not very crowded. This place is popular with the locals which generally are very nice to everyone. Kaanapali has some good-powerful breaks which make it ideal to perform a good variety of tricks.

Kaanapali is located right in front of the Kaanapali Alii Hotel, Westin Hotel and goes on down to the Hyatt.

When you get a chance head to Maui and hit the beaches with your skimboard.


Lahaina has good beach breaks a lot of the time. The First BIG swells of winter and summer are the best. Tubes, tubes, tubes!! Incoming tides are the way to go. The crowds here are not so good though and some locals have been known to stir trouble so make sure you`re careful not to hit anyone when you`re skimboarding.

From Lahaina (west side), Maui. Go north to Kaanapali on Honoapiialani HWY(only one road). Turn left at Kaanapali and look for the Condo Kaanapali Ali’i. Go to a beach access at the Ali’i or at the Marriot.

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