The Exotic Hawaiian Flowers

Hawaiian Islands are eight major islands, archipelago being the largest of the group. There are numerous small islets grouped together to form Hawaii islands. It was once known as Sandwich Islands. There are many peaks and mountain ranges which lie under the sea coast. This chain of mountains is called Hawaiian Emperor Seamount chain. These mountain ranges were formed by the volcanic activity.

The Hawaiian climate is the most suitable one for huge variety of wonderful tropical plants. Since the mountains are formed of volcanic eruptions, they are full of ash. This creates the right environment for most of the trees and floral plants. Hawaiin islands have drawn many tourists because of its natural beauty. In fact there have been repeated visitors to this place, as they admire the beauty of the place very much. Most of the plants have their own significance and peculiar stories to tell. They are very important for the culture, flora and fauna of the islands. But unfortunately there are only few plants flourishing as compared to before. Many people who migrated from different places and they brought in variety of plants and animals. Hence the native species started diminishing slowly. Many of them have become extinct as they were not able to adapt the changes. Most of the endangered species of flowers and plants are from Hawaii.

Hawaiian is well known for most effervescent and attractive flowers on the earth. One of the most famous flowers from Hawaii is leis. It is always used on every special occasion. It is generally used to give away in the functions. Hawaiians make a lot of money out of this flower as it is exported to various places outside Hawaii. It is shipped to many places across the world. The only problem while transporting is that they lose their freshness. Dwarf Pittosporum is another pretty flower from the island. It grows up to 3 feet. There are hibiscuses which have purple leaves in color and these generally grow 15 feet tall. Hibiscus is generally associated with islands. Hawaiians extract the thick juice and make jelly which can be served with meat and bread. Anthurium is another vibrant flower of Hawaii. But this was brought from England. It is heart shaped and measures about a foot in length. Bird of paradise is one of the most beautiful flowers on the earth. It gets its name as it resembles the crested head of a bird completely. This is originally from South Africa.

Hawaiian flower are also used to make scents. Few famous fragrances are Pikake, Hawaiian rose, and hibiscus. These flowers have very pleasing scents. The flowers are also used to make necklaces. These necklaces are made of various blossoms and they look really awesome. Koa tree is another native plant of this island. It is famous for beautiful hardwood which is used in manufacturing surfboards and canoes. Kukui state of Hawaii islands is famous for producing small nuts.

Such splendid places are not to be missed and should be visited at least once in your lifetime.

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