The Duties of an FAA Private Pilot

The Duties of an FAA Private Pilot

An FAA private pilot is a duly authorized individual that can take an aircraft and go flying anytime he wishes to. His certificate prevents him from pursuing aviation as a way of earning money – except if he decides to become a certified flight instructor – but he has the freedom of time and less responsibilities as compared to the commercial, chartered and the military pilot.

However, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have any responsibilities at all. The FAA is a government agency that regulates general aviation, so a private pilot still has to abide some rules and answer some obligations as part of his possession of a PP certificate.


First and foremost, this pilot is compelled to pursue safety at all times. General aviators should be able to cultivate an attitude towards safety. If a pilot doesn’t demonstrate early on in his student pilot days that he is a safe pilot and not a reckless one, the FAA will grant him his certificate. If not, the student pilot has no chance of earning his PPC because the administration will not allow anyone who cannot be trusted to fly a plane by himself to reach to the skies. They cannot have accidents under their watch, after all, because they’ll be answerable to the federal government.

Knowledge of Aviation Law

With your knowledge of how to fly an airplane comes the responsibility to know the law that governs your craft. Every private pilot is compelled to educate themselves about the do’s and don’t’s of aviation. If they aren’t able to acquire that knowledge, they will certainly lose their license to fly. No one can put up ignorance as an excuse since it has been an obligation for every aviator since the beginning to keep current with aviation rules and regulations.

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