Take an Asia River Cruise

See the interior of China with a Yangtze Cruise

With the completion of the 3 Gorges Dam recently, China had created one of the great modern engineering marvels. The dam created higher waters back-stream and now the Yangtze River can support small ships which have opened up tourism and travel to the Ancient Cities of China. These new regions for exploration allow you to sail from as far as Shanghai to Chongqing! These cruise ships now feature cabins with balconies along with all the amenities you could ever ask for. This combination of luxurious living along with exciting itineraries consisting of educational tours, and entertainment are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating traveler! Along this trip you will get to visit the largest cities in China.

Beijing is the Capital of the People’s Republic of China. While on your tour be sure to take a Rickshaw tour through the city. Or make some new friends and get acquainted with the customs of China while having dinner with a local family. Dine at a restaurant that serves the local favorite: Peking duck. You can also visit a real life Kung-Fu school. Finish off a wonderful stay in Beijing by taking in an Opera. At Shanghai you can take in a World Famous Chinese Acrobat show. There is also a famous Jade Buddha Temple. Really there are a handful of different cruises down the Yangtze, but taking a cruise that can last for 18 days would be a great vacation. Now there are shorter tours out there but this would definitely be the first choice. Could you imagine not having to worry about work or other hassles on a cruise lasting half a month!

Take a Thailand River Cruises

Thailand has quickly become one of the most popular places to take a vacation. Discover the magical city of Bangkok or mystical Chiang Mai on the famous River Kwai! The ships that cruise the Kwai are much smaller and offer a more intimate cruise experience. Explore the inland regions of Thailand and get a taste of genuine Thai life!

Try a Popular Mekong River Cruise

Explore Vietnam and Cambodia with in-depth tours of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) with its colonial French past, Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and the world renowned Khmer Temples of Angkor Wat. This ancient temple complex dates back to the 12th century and offers a rich experience for those looking for some history. With a Mekong River cruise you can see a bustling urban city and a few days later you can swim in the waterfalls that are everywhere in this tropical climate. Discover the ancient cultures of Vietnam and Cambodia as you cruise the fascinating Mekong River. These are the most fascinating river cruises in this part of the world. Sail aboard a ship built specifically for exploring the Vietnam and Cambodian deltas!

So take an exotic vacation by cruising one of the many waterways located on the continent of Asia.

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