Steve Dari – a Great Pilot and a Great Man

One can only thank Steve Dari for the memorable flying at the Air Races and for living life on the edge and pushing the envelope. Indeed, a life well lived – he was a great adventurer, sportsman, RVer and lover of life. Our condolences to his wonderful and supportive family.

In addition to being an accomplished sportsman and pilot Steve Dari was also a successful Business Consultant in Lemon Grove, CA. The sport biplane he was flying had stalled right after takeoff, at about 250 ft off the ground, puffs of black smoke and the rest was history, Steve died on impact. He was practicing for another great showing at the Reno Air Races.

Vince Lombardi tells us that the most competitive men are drawn to the most competitive sports, Air Racing is the pre-eminent competitive sport and is not for the weak of heart. Steve was strong, dedicated and in it to win it. He raced in the Formula One Air Racing finals several years at Reno and was a big contender. Unfortunately, his life was cut short during a practice run and aviation racing will miss him dearly.

Steve Dari was loved and respected and one hell of a pilot, as well as an accomplished business man in California. As reported in the newspaper the Reno Air Races of 2007 will go on, as scheduled and someone like Steve would not have it any other way. He loved to fly and his fans and sponsors loved to watch him win. We will all miss Steve Dari.

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