Stay in One of Rhodes Finest Hotels

If you have every thought about visiting the beautiful sunshine island of Rhodes in Greece, stop thinking and start doing! It is one of the most stunning islands in the world with gorgeous beaches such as Tsambika beach and a wealth of historical venues to visit.

Rhodes is a Greek island in the Aegean sea and in fact in the far south west of the island in Prasonisi the Aegean meets the Mediterranean sea so you can take your pick which you prefer to swim in.

There are many stunning hotels on the island such as the newly developed Atrium Platinum hotel in Ixia which has several pools, bars, restaurants and a state of the art Spa to keep it’s guests well entertained during their stay.

If you are looking for things to do in Rhodes there are lots of choices. If it’s crazy nightlife you want, you need to visit Falaraki where everyone parties until the early hours, although it’s not the most sophisticated of places it’s fun if you are up for a drink and a laugh.

For shopping there is an absolutely fantastic place to go… Rhodes old town and the new town for that matter. Rhodes old town has to be seen to be believed and as people walk in through the historic protective walls of the city you can literally see peoples jaw drop. There is a wealth of market style shops with T-Shirts, Handbags, Shoes, and Jewellery and all the other tourist bits and bobs you would expect. There are also a few designer shops such as Lacoste and some top jewellery and sunglasses shops too.

Within the old town walls are also numerous restaurants and eateries, bars and clubs for entertainment later on.

In the new town there are even more bars and restaurants and lots of modern style shops selling well known brands and fairly standard prices. There are a lot of places selling fake sunglasses, T Shirts and other clothing so be aware as they may also try and tell you they are real!

For fans of watersports such as Windsurfing and Kitesurfing Rhodes is possibly one of the best places in Europe as there is a nice steady breeze coming in all the time. It usually starts off quite mild in the morning and then builds as the day goes on so if you are a beginner Windsurfer make sure you book your lesson in the morning.

There is also a few go kart tracks on the island if you fancy a race around with your mates with the main place for this being Falaraki as that’s where all the action is anyway.

There are several 5 start hotels on Rhodes and many 4 star, so you will have no problem booking someone perfect for you.

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