Spend Your Next Vacation On A Beautiful Caribbean Island

Spend Your Next Vacation On A Beautiful Caribbean Island

Aruba is a Caribbean island and an autonomous dependency of the Netherlands. People here are known for being extremely friendly to foreigners because tourism is the biggest business of the island, with visitors drawn to its famous for its glistening white sandy beaches. The place still retains some ties with its past, but lately has undergone many changes because of the tourist dollar.

The island has a marine tropical climate, so receives trade winds constantly from the Atlantic Ocean, but lies outside the hurricane belt so doesn’t receive more than 20 inches of rainfall annually. The weather is usually dry and the temperature remains fairly constant at 27C. January through March is considered the best season to visit.

You can reach Aruba either by air or by boat. Air traffic operates from Reina Beatrix International Airport. Popular carriers have a frequent service to the island. Boats and ships dock near the downtown area for the convenience of the passengers. From here the whole island can be accessed readily by public and private transport.

Arubus, a popular bus system operates here which helps you to travel from one corner of the island to the other and see how the natives really live. Fares are very cheap and reasonable. In non-rush hours, you may also find a friendly tourist guide in the driver and even your co-passengers!

If you are planning to rent a car, caution is needed as with any popular tourist spot. There are also some companies that will try to rent inferior cars; so that you do not end up with a faulty car in a poor condition, checking thoroughly or booking ahead is generally advisable.

Tourists need to be aware of certain local customs. For example, beachwear should be worn exclusively on the beaches and photo’s should never be taken without seeking the permission of anyone in the shot. Jeans are not allowed in most restaurants and hence appropriate dress should be worn if dining here.

Some important places of tourist interest are Natural Pool, California Lighthouse, Natural Bridge, Ostrich Farm, Arikok National Park, Butterfly Farm, and Guadirkiri Caves. There are also a lot of museums to explore. For the shopaholics, there are many shops which are open from 9 am to 1 pm and again from 2 pm to 6.30 pm.

The Caribbean is a wonderful place to visit, no matter where the vacation takes place. With its beautiful beaches, its beautiful weather and the wonderful atmosphere the beautiful people create, Aruba is certainly a destination that should appear on anyone’s hit list.

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