Safari Holidays – A Trip of a Lifetime

For animal lovers who love to experience wildlife in their natural habitat, safari holidays is the perfect way to realize their dreams. It is preferred choice of tourists because they offer a whole host of safari options and the chance to visit some of the best animal reserves in the world. In addition, you can enjoy superb hospitality and the best staying facilities while being served the choicest gourmet food of the region.

Tourists can select their own Safari Holidays package from among various options available. You can choose from South Africa Safari, Tanzania safari, Botswana safari or the extremely popular Kenya safari. Each holiday package comes with a fixed or customized option. You can either choose to follow the fixed itinerary or draw up your own schedule so that you can enjoy the holidays at your own leisurely pace.

Those choosing Kenya safari can enjoy some of the best game reserves and lodges in Kenya. The tour includes a visit to Masai Mara, one of the best game reserves in Kenya, where one can watch wild buffaloes, elephants, lions, leopards, wildebeests and zebras. The safari also includes in its itinerary other popular places such as Amboseli National Park and Lake Nakuru. You can witness one of the greatest events of nature – the Great Migration – where thousands of wild animals thunder past the path between Masai Mara and Serengeti in search of greener pastures.

The incredible Ngorongoro Crater is another splendid place that offers you great visuals of the world’s largest and uninterrupted volcanic caldera. The steep sides of the crater are inhabited by a variety of wild animals, including the big five — buffalo, elephant, rhino, lion and leopard. One of the most prehistoric sites in the world, the Olduvai Gorge, also referred to as the ‘Cradle of Mankind’, can be witnessed from close quarters as a part of these wonderful Safari Holidays.

The Kenya safari holidays offer the perfect opportunity to indulge in some daredevilry as well as the opportunity to enjoy an early morning balloon flight over Masai Mara. If you opt for the Sambaru safari, you can visit many key national parks and game reserves where you can choose to stay at the world famous Treetops, one of the most famous game viewing lodges of the world. Built on stilts and with wide open balconies, the lodge offers a fantastic view of the Aberdare National Park. You can indulge in some amazing wildlife photography from vantage points. You can also spend some quality time with friends and family at Sambaru and Mara.

Safari Holidays offers some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities from Tanzania’s northern circuit. The Tanzania safari holidays features some of the best game reserves which can be customized to suit your time and budget. The region is an animal’s paradise with more land dedicated to conservation of wild life than any other place in the world. There are many tour packages available for you to choose from. Each one is a delightful experience in itself where wildlife and nature in all its majestic bloom enthralls you like no other place on earth.

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