Rome Travel Guide – A Short Trip to Rome

Rome is a magical place! A City that has the present and the past elegantly standing shoulder to shoulder and of course that makes Rome a perfect destination for any visitor.

Whether you have your heart set on ticking off the famous sights one by one or you are just planning to put your feet up and rest, Rome is the ideal location.

Be warned though, it has to be said that in the middle of summer the heat in Rome is fierce! But then there is always an icy fountain to dip your feet into and then close by an awning of a street café so that you can sit in the shade while you sip the icy cold local delicate beer and do what the Romans do and watch and enjoy the passers-by.

If your stay is short–and 45{5ee11404e957289b2d225099b4f7d52b5549ec41b8e6ad1d623dc3506be9751a} of all visitor trips to Rome are for less than four days–then here is a very brief list of the places you must see:

The Vatican and St Peter’s Square. The Vatican is at the north corner of the enormous St Peter’s Square, which is great because you will be able to take in two of the most famous places in the world in one go.

The Vatican is not the biggest place in the world but it has so many reasons to be one of the world’s most famous places. It is built on the Tomb of St Peter and is the smallest state in the World and better still it is also very, very beautiful, from the shock of artistic genius in the Sistine Chapel to the wonderful Gardens and Water Features the Vatican as a tourist attraction it has few, if any peers.

Other places not to miss in Rome include the beautiful Trevi Fountain made famous by the divine movie Roman Holiday, the Fountain stands at the end of the Roman Aqua Virgo aqueduct which was built in the 19 BC and everyone know the legend that says that if you throw a coin into the fountain you are promised that you will return to Rome.

Another place not to miss is a building which boasts a very bizarre history The Castel Sant’ Angelo which was built as the Mausoleum for the Roman Emperor Hadrian but rather oddly has also been a residence for Popes and a Prison, though it has to be said not at the same time.

If you tend to believe that the coins that you have tossed into the Trevi Fountain are not going to work, do try not to miss the Spanish Steps, and most important of all Rome’s monuments the unbelievable Colosseum (full ticket entrance for this year 15.50 Euros or around $22.5) which was commissioned by Emperor Vespasian One Thousand and Thirty Nine Years Ago, yes 1937 years ago it has to be written in words to be believed, actually just like Rome!

There are dozens of ways of travelling to Rome, if you are already in Europe then car or train will take you easily into the heart of this marvellous City, though watch out for traffic jams, these are actually best viewed from the sidewalk where you can enjoy the Roman’s amusing impatience and love of using their auto’s horns.

If you are coming from further afield then the busy airport is easily reached, but and it is a big one, make sure that you have an hotel booked before you travel.

Rome is a year round tourist attraction and it is amazing just how full the hotels are year round. With this in mind it is a good idea to compare prices not only between hotels but between booking services and for that it is a great idea to use an hotel price comparison websites.

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