One Mom’s Review of the Baby Trend Stroller Line

If budget is among top concern in your stroller shopping experience, then the Baby Trend Stroller line has a few options for you to keep in mind. Baby Trend offers a variety of strollers to meet the varying need of parents and children, and even though Baby Trend might not be my favorite brand, they do have a few good options available and at a relatively low price point.

The top of my list is the Baby Trend Snap-N-Go stroller. This is a great starter stroller for getting baby around when they still fit an infant car seat. Unlike the Graco Snugride Infant car seat frame stroller, Baby Trends model can be used with a variety of different brand car seats, so you’re not tied down to using just the Graco car seat. If you’re going to be using a Graco Car seat, the snap n go will still work, but if you find you hate your Graco car seat for whatever reason (or it becomes damaged or expired), you still have the option of using your snap n go stroller with a future child (or children) even if you change car seats. The Baby Trend snap n go comes in a single as well as double if you’re expecting twins. It’s a nice lightweight, compact and easy to use stroller that allows you to see exactly what your stroller needs are prior to investing in your next stroller. Plus, by the time you’re ready to make the next purchase, your baby will be old enough to sit up and you’ll have more options to choose from.

I can also recommend the Sit-N-Stand Plus, Sit N Stand Double, or the newly named Tag-a-long strollers by baby trend. I’ve already written reviews on these strollers, so I’ll simply say that toting more than one child along without spending too much money on a stroller is quite doable with one of these strollers.

I’ll conclude by saying please stay away from the Sport Stroller or any other travel system for that matter. It’s not an entirely awful stroller, but the travel system line of strollers are bulky and just all around not that great. I also do not recommend the Triple Stroller. You do not want to be pushing the weight of 3 children in an entry level stroller that’s front to back and extremely difficult to maneuver. If you really want a travel system, look in to the Expedition Travel System stroller or the Graco Metrolite. The Metrolite folds fairly compact and is rather lightweight for a travel system stroller. It maneuvers pretty well too and has a huge basket underneath for storage. The Baby Trend jogging strollers are car seat compatible and offer large air filled tires and a lockable front swivel wheel to help you push and maneuver through a wider variety of places and terrain. What can I say; I like 3-wheel strollers and air-filled tires even if I’m not a huge fan of the Baby Trend Stroller line. Hopefully this honest review can help some folks out there trying to wade their way through the endless options of baby strollers.

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