New Zealand – A Travellers Guide to Genuine Souvenirs

“If you’re looking for the latest details on hand crafted gifts from New Zealand then, pull up a chair and buckle down, because this is the article that you’ve been looking for.”

Historic Parnell Village is the hub of Auckland when it comes to providing visitors with a destination that fulfills all their needs. A bustling area, it has a great selection of cafes, restaurants, bars, reputable NZ Designers clothing stores, Art Galleries and much more. Travelling around inner city Auckland is easy with the Link Bus service which does a complete loop of the area, allowing passengers to get on or off at numerous stops on the circuit. Shopping for special mementos to take home can be very challenging, especially when so often imported items are fobbed off as “genuine” In Parnell there is a specialist crafting company that are world famous for their genuine and hand crafted gifts and deal with a wide and varied selection of requests. They have been in business for over thirty years and have a co-operative with over one hundred and fifty selected craftspeople from throughout New Zealand who supply the business and have built up an enviable reputation in their field. You will even get to meet some of the craftsmen and women, as they also are in the shop daily.

Hand made and crafted for someone special in your life, or a corporate gift being a way for someone to remember you on a business level. Their world famous collection of crafts are made out of many different materials which include –

• Jewellery (Greenstone, Paua, Bone, Riverstone)

• Wood (Maori Carving, Sculpture and Wood Turning)

• Contemporary Glass & Pottery

• Kids Toys Puzzles & clothing

• Adult Garments

• Merino & Mohair

• Sheepskin & Leather

• Prints, Books & Souvenirs

• Plus much more

Having a specialist team to call upon and also inhouse allows the business to meet the extensive demands of their customers and build the company to what it is today. Each order they receive is treated with the utmost care and their attention to detail is second to none and no order is too big or too small for the Elephant House.

All of the wood in which they use for crafting is grown in New Zealand and consists of native timbers like Rimu, Ancient Kauri, Totara and Matai, so if you’re a traveller to New Zealand and want a genuine souvenir to take back home with you and something native to the country like a Maori carving then, you know that the wood originates from there and not brought in from an overseas company.

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