My Journey to the Blind Hills

After a long gap from my regular expeditions, I had planned for yet another audacious trip to the city’s top cliff that stands majestic in the heart of the metropolis. Located about 25kms from the Coimbatore city, the hill stands as a perfect epitome for its blend. Local people call it as a “Blind hill” (Kurudi malai). With my friend, I started the journey in the early dawn on a fine weekend. As the spot is located in the remote area we hardly waited nearly an hour for the mini-bus to pick us to that historic temple. I was dropped in a ridge of one way path that hardly allowed a mini cab to travel along. The path was guarded by dense bushes that stood 12 feet high. As we passed trough the pathway we saw High Tension cables extended on both the sides. This implicitly warned us that the place is a favorite spot for wild beasts. The clouds started garnering the intensity as we advanced. The nimbus cloud cautioned us to prepare for the down pour. I had nothing in my hands except my camera. I couldn’t see anything around me except the gigantic hills. It was like a huge cricket stadium surrounded by hills all around. We walked nearly 3kms and at last reached the foot-hills. We saw an old man guarding some vehicles parked in the tree shades. I enquired him about the frequency of the devotees visiting that place. To our surprise he told me that people use to come in thousands on special occasions.

Few yards from the parking we saw the awesome entrance of the beautiful temple. Adorned both sides by lush crotons and shrubs, we really admired the maintenance of the remote temple. The place was tidy and green. We climbed some few hundred steps and finally we reached the apex of the temple. As every temple has its own history, this one is no way an exception. The main deity of this temple is commonly called as “Ponnuthu mari ammam” The Idol has been finely placed inside a cave. Inside the gloomy cave, the idol was showered by the springs whose source is said to be from the remote forest. The interesting fact about this spring is that it never dries amidst the drought and irrespective of the monsoons. This is the specialty of this temple. Also, the water is said to be precious as it is said to originate from the foot of the ‘amman’. The local people treat the water as an elixir.

Adjacent to the cave, we saw rugged pebbles and rocks eroded by the gushing velocity of the water falls. Unfortunately we couldn’t enjoy the scenario as it was dried up. We walked some few yards inside. The place was placid. We started climbing the huge rock that stood besides the waterfall. The place was really fantastic. The panoramic view of the hill was a visual treat to the eyes. I took some nice snap shots .The view of the temple from the top cliff was fantastic. It was a nice spot to sit and relax in the natural lawn. The dawn began to dwindle. The cool shower added sheen to the majestic hills. We enjoyed the drizzling. I saw some persons trying to ascend the treachery path bare footed. The path was bit complicated yet we too tried to climb to some extent. But local priest warned us to return before the dusk as the place was frequented by wild animals. So we started descending the hill. The place was an apt location for the photo enthusiast. The spectacular view of the triangular hill will catch everyone’s attention from remote distance.

The hill is 1mile off from Narasimma Naicken Palayam on Coimbatore – Mettupalayam Main Road. Though bus facilities were limited to this destination, you can hop a cab or take a two-wheeler. If you really want to enjoy a road less expedition, here is a nice chance.

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