Kawela Bay – Beautiful and Secluded Beach on Oahu, Hawaii

Many beaches in Oahu are “bipolar”- that is, their surfs go dangerously up in winter, and become calm in summer. Not Kawela Bay. Protected by a natural reef barrier, this is the only white sand beach in Oahu that is safe for swimming and sunbathing all year round.

Located on the northernmost tip of Oahu between Sunset Beach and Turtle Bay in a community far away from traffic and crowded beach, Kawela Bay is also one of the most secluded beaches in Oahu. Laidback and quiet, the bay is the perfect getaway from crowds and hustle and bustle of urban life. With just two or three people (sometimes, none at all!) sharing the gorgeous beach with you, it’s as though you own the beach to yourself.

But even though it is isolated, the beauty of Kawela Bay is not lost to many movie and TV show producers. The bay has been one of the main scenes of television shows such as “Lost” and “Magnum P.I.” and movies such as “Joe vs the Volcano.”

This long and narrow crescent-shaped beach is bordered by a thick row of ironwood trees. Its soft sand beach is wonderful for lying around or walking barefoot on. Plus, you get a treat of giant sea turtles (kona) making their slow walk through the sands.

However, the bay’s outer reef is a surfing destination. Thus, while the beach is generally quiet, it gets some action during World Surfing Championships held at neighboring Sunset Beach during certain weekends of high surf winter season.

Services and amenities: no facilities, no services.

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