Jakarta International Kites Festival!

Jakarta hosts numerous year round festivals and exciting events. Jakarta International Kites Festival is one of the most popular Indonesian festivals holding in Jakarta. It’s an annual festival holding in the month of July every year for duration of two days. Anyone who is interested in an authentic cultural experience may take flights to Jakarta and join this fair. The history of kites is interesting and can be traced long back into time. It was started in China and has become a traditional sport in many Asian countries including; India, Pakistan, Thailand, China, Korea and Japan. Each country has its own way of conducting this activity in accordance with that country’s cultural values, customs and religious beliefs. In some of the countries it is considered as sacred activity while for some others it’s just a sport. In Jakarta Kite Festival has been greatly contributing to Jakarta flights since last many years.

In Asian countries people of all ages especially children and youngsters are seen flying kites mostly made out of dried symmetrical leaves on sewing thread and sled style kites which are made out of sheets of folded paper. In these countries a day is dedicated to this activity that is called Basant Festival. People from different countries take flights to Jakarta to join this festival. Jakarta is the venue where tradition of kite flying is celebrated with its full glory. Other countries as well as other Indonesian cities greatly participate in this festival. This year’s participant countries include; Malaysia, China, Japan, and Netherlands. This fair provides a podium for kite lovers to exhibit their skills as well as display the various kites which with their shapes and colors have reached artistic proportions. The Kite Festival invites enthusiastic kite fliers from all parts of the world and is adding to cheap Jakarta flights at an ever increasing rate.

Kites of different colors and sizes can be seen flying all over the sky in celebration of one of Indonesia’s oldest pastimes. A giant size dragon kite may also be seen in the sky. It gives a perfect occasion to capture in your camera. The Jakarta Kite Festival is the most popular form of entertainment for the Jakarta people and is even attended by oversea contestants for example every year a great number of foreigners take cheap flights to Jakarta from UK and many other countries to join this colorful festival. It is a worth attending and capturing festival.

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