Hualalai Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii Still Going Strong

With the economy struggling throughout the United States many businesses have also suffered the same problems. The Hualalai Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii has surprisingly stayed strong during these tough times. Hualalai is the most elite resort on the Big Island of Hawaii, which makes it more astonishing.

Hualalai is home to two world class hotels, Kona Village and the Four Seasons Hualalai. Both of these have rooms that average $500/night and the Four Seasons has a suite that is over $6000/night. Spread throughout the resort are spectacular private homes and villa vacation rentals. These properties are among some of the highest priced vacation rentals on the Hawaiian Islands.

Although the real estate market has suffered at Hualalai, there have been some eye boggling sales within the last year. Cher just sold her custom home there for over $8 million and the largest sale in the history of the resort just occurred at over $26 million.

The total sales for 2009 at Hualalai was over $150 million, which is excellent considering the current economic state. The Hualalai Resort is continuing to expand while many other developments throughout the islands are shutting down until the economy recovers.

Looking into 2010, everyone is predicting more positive production from the resort. The Four Seasons Hualalai just came off of a multi million dollar renovation and has already seem an increase in business the first couple of months of 2010. As more people stay at the resort, you are almost guaranteed sales will increase and word of mouth will help to keep Hualalai one of the most popular resorts in Hawaii.

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