How To Incorporate A Regional Theme Into Your Next Trade Show Exhibit

With so many elements to consider when developing a successful tradeshow display, it’s easy to overlook the fact that attendees are not only potential customers, but they’re also tourists! Often, those who attend shows travel a significant distance to be there and may be experiencing a city for the first time. While the trade show will definitely keep them busy, they also will be looking for ways to experience the destination itself – as well as souvenirs through which to remember their trip. So why not embrace the show’s geographic location within your trade show exhibit? There are a number of ways you can satisfy attendees’ craving for a vacation-like experience, while also educating them about your product or service.

Choose Giveaways With Regional Appeal

Selecting the right giveaways can be crucial when it comes to increasing traffic to your booth. Word of mouth travels quickly and it is common knowledge that the trade show stands with the best promotional items are generally the most talked about! By incorporating a regional theme, giveaways can actually double as souvenirs, resulting in even more buzz around your tradeshow display. For example, if you’re exhibiting at an event in Georgia, you might consider ordering custom items that combine a regional symbol, such as the peach, with your logo, brand message and company information. You can make them as elaborate or simple as your budget allows, and as long as it serves as a powerful reminder of the region in which the show takes place, attendees will surely flock to your booth to check it out! After all, who doesn’t love a good souvenir?

Incorporate The Region Into Your Booth Design

If budget permits, consider designing special banners, signage, or flyers that include regional symbols. Simply do a little research ahead of time and find out what the region is best known for and you can develop a theme that can be carried through all aspects of your display. It could be a specific food, activity, or sport – just be sure it is easily associated with the region and in keeping with your company’s values and image. If you really want to impress, you could even design a special logo that is a hybrid of your company’s original logo and a representation of the region. For example, if you’re exhibiting in Las Vegas, you might incorporate dice or the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign into your company logo to create an eye-catching salute to the region.

Regionally-Themed Trade Show Exhibit Games

Another effective way to add some regional appeal into your trade show stand is through a regionally-themed game. Attendees love attractions that break the monotony of the day, and games are a perfect way to infuse a little excitement into the building. Options might include a trivia game containing fun questions about the region, or a prize wheel that is designed specifically with the region in mind. As with any game, you should always offer a prize or incentive for playing. In this case, it could be local products, gift certificates or coupons to nearby attractions, or regionally-themed promotional items. No matter what type of prize you choose, just be sure to include your company’s information. And, keeping in mind that the goal of exhibiting is to convert those leads into sales, always have plenty of staff available for face-to-face interaction before and after they play your game!

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