Honeymoons in Hawaii – Year-Round Favorites

Honeymoons in Hawaii are being chosen from couples marrying in all seasons, from blushing June brides to red-nosed December brides. The lush island state has many faces, from its remote and isolated beaches to the hot, hip, and happening of downtown Honolulu, the state’s capital. Consisting of numerous islands, the archipelago state usually draws visitors to its four main islands: Oahu, the Big Island of Hawaii, Kauai, and Maui. Each of these islands has a special aspect that attracts couples seeking different types of Honeymoons in Hawaii, from the adventurous to the romantic.

If you are looking to include several islands in your honeymoon, consider taking a cruise around the island state. Cruise ships depart from Honolulu’s historic Aloha Tower and embark on a multi-island itinerary, docking at major ports on the major islands. These cruises are an excellent way to see more than one island, since you do not have to switch hotel rooms or wait in airports for tiny commuter flights. Many honeymooners opt to cruise because of the all-inclusive nature of the boats, lumping meals, drinks, and activities into the price.

Another way to see the islands is by commuter flight. All of the islands have airports and commercial flight services ready to take you wherever your heart desires. Since most of the island airports are commuter airports, the usual hassle associated with air travel is nonexistent. Also, commuter flights allow you to spend as long as you wish on each island without having to worry about ships leaving port and leaving you behind.

Most couples that choose Honeymoons in Hawaii end up on Oahu. Known as the “Gathering Place,” Oahu is home to the state’s capital, Honolulu, and the world-famous Waikiki Beach. For city slickers, the Waikiki area is a dream come true, with world class shopping, five star restaurants, and luxurious hotels and resorts at every turn. Consider staying in two of the oldest hotels on the island, the lusciously pink Royal Hawaiian Hotel and the historic Moana Surfrider, both considered the “Grand Ladies of Waikiki.”

For an alternative view of Oahu, head up to the North Shore, where each winter, massive waves bring surfers from all over the world. When these beasts roll into the shore, popular surfing tournaments take place, with professional surfers trying to tame the overwhelming force of the ocean.

Also on Oahu is the Dole Plantations, where pineapples dot the country side. It is also home to the somber memorial to the Japanese attack on the United States on December 7, 1941. The fallen USS Arizona lies buried beneath the waters of Pearl Harbor and a remarkable monument to those sailors, soldiers, airmen, and marines that fell during the surprise attack.

If you would rather trade in the crowds, traffic, and noise of Oahu for a more serene environment, head to Kauai, the “Garden Isle.” This green sanctuary is perfect for the couple who wants to experience the natural beauty of the islands without the added glitz and glamour of commercialization. Sunbathe at secluded beaches, visit the undersea worlds that wait beneath the deep blue sea, or check out the natural wonders the island has to offer, such as the exotic Fern Grotto or the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

For an adventure seeking couple, be sure to at least make a stop on the Big Island of Hawaii. Home to the country’s only actively erupting volcano, much of the eastern side of the island is occupied by the ancient goddess Pele, who spurts red hot lava into the sea to continue to expand the mass of the island. This island is also the location of the southernmost point in the United States, Kau, as well as numerous coffee plantations in the rainforest environment of Kona. Consider taking a breathtaking helicopter ride above the flowing lava or indulge in spa treatments that use the naturally occurring black sand.

The fourth major island in the Hawaiian archipelago is the island of Maui. Rich in fishing and whaling history, any couple who Honeymoons in Hawaii should visit the quaint village of Lahina, now packed with unique boutiques and scrumptious restaurants. The town of Maui is generally preferred by visitors, since it is the perfect combination of city and country.

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