Finding Topographic Maps Online

Finding Topographic Maps Online

With several internet sites now offering them, it has never been easier to find topographic maps online. When you need a map that displays more than the highways, streets, and other landmarks of a traditional map, topographic maps are the way to go, and they can now be found almost as easily as their conventional counterparts. Whether you are looking for mountain ranges, volcanoes, deserts, or other landforms or features, there is a map that will be of assistance to you. The following suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg (or mountain peak) of what is available on the world wide web.

To find topographic maps online of the United States or Canada, steer your browser toward Topoquest. The longitude and latitude of each location is given along with the United States Geographical Society name listed in their database. Utilizing the zoom feature will provide you with an additional listing of buildings in that area. Clicking on one of the buildings themselves will give the user the actual information on what type of structure the building is, be it church, home, or business as well as the county and elevation of that location.

A site familiar to most for locating maps of a traditional nature is Google Maps. But did you know it can also provide you with topographic maps online? A simple click of the word “Terrain” in the upper right hand corner will transform the conventional map to the topographic view. Repeated double clicking of the area you wish to explore will zoom your view to the desired level, giving you information on streets, bodies of water, and elevations of the area. As with other Google Maps, you can also add gas stations, lodging, and restaurant options. If you already have Google Earth downloaded to your computer, you can easily add topographic maps to the application. Visit Digital Data Services, Inc. for the free download.

At Terraserver, you can not only view topographic maps online, you can download images in a variety of sizes. Posters and prints are also available in varying paper types and sizes including laminated, matte, glossy, and even canvas. These features do come at an additional charge, but subscriptions are available that provide a discount for frequent users among several special perks. Whatever your topographic map needs may be, there are options available online to meet them, either for free or at an affordable price.

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Finding Topographic Maps Online

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