Finding Accommodation at the Place of the Zulu Battles in Kzn – Battlefields Accommodation

Kwazulu Natal (Kzn) is the world renowned for its cultural history, particularly around the Zulu battles that took place. Accommodation in Zulu Battle areas/ Battlefields/ Battlefield areas has a feeling of this history and learnings – predominantly between the Zulus, Anglo’s and Boers.

Words that make up the sensation and terminology of Battlefields/ Battlefield areas are Zulu wars, Shaka, Isandlwana, Rorkes Drift, Colenso, Spioenkop, Ladysmith, Dundee, Churchill, Blood River, Cetshwayo and Boers. You will also learn about clans, tribes, elders, many wives and other cultural history – unique to the Battlefields in Kwazulu Natal.

To complete your trip and tour of South Africa, it is imperative that you include Battlefields accommodation as part of your itinerary.

The place of the Zulu Battles/ Battlefields can also be associated with beautiful green hills and valleys. Other natural and beautiful attractions include game viewing and bird watching. As the Zulus are the largest group in South Africa, we owe it to them to discover and learn a little about their history. The Zulus have remained predominantly in the Kwazulu Natal area, in the Battlefileds – so the best place to learn and experience first hand is in Battlefield accommodation.

1879 is a key year when several battles in the Kwazulu Natal area took place. Several tours are available to give you all the detail around Battlefield areas and related battles. This will include the types of forces, strategies and weapons involved in participating in causing the major historic bloodshed in the Battlefields. Many Battlefield accommodation establishments are located on the very places where these wars were fought.

Your Battlefields accommodation establishments will be able to guide you along best tours and inform you about some relevant history. Furthermore, Battlefield accommodation establishments will go the extra mile to make your stay comfortable, memorable and full of leisure – in honour of the Battlefields history.

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