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Whether you are a frequent visitor to Puerto Rico or one who is planning to visit for the first time, you will want to experience all that the city has to offer. It is common knowledge that it is great for surfing, beaches, a unique culture and nightlife. But if you would like to have a more personal experience, then perhaps you would like to experience life at a Parador.

A Parador or paradores is a reference to a small country inn. In order to encourage tourism, the city has a government program where people can include their places for stay. They will of course have to be of good quality and have a decent rate of acceptance. Normally such stays are situated very close to popular attractions or historical locations. If you are also looking for a gastronomical experience of traditional food, then you also have a choice of such places as well. You can easily have a Mesón Gastronómico at the hotel you stay with.

The best way to spot a Parador is by its looks, Taino grass that will be located on the signs as well as logos of these different Paradores. Your stay will be truly incomplete without a visit to one of these. This system of stay was first started by the Puerto Rican Tourism Company in 1973 and was influenced by a similar program set in Spain. If you are flustered by the number of Paradores on offer, here are a few areas that you can look in.

Mayagüez is the town that houses the only zoo in the island and is also home to one of the biggest universities in Puerto Rico and is located on the west side of the island. You could also look for an ideal paradore that will be placed between a coffee and a sugar plantation. You will find these kind on the southeast coast of the island. Look from the beginning of a panoramic road and you will be sure to have some mesmerizing views on the island. On the shore, a few minutes away from the bioluminescent bay is another sport to look in. It has a number of tours and attractions to look forward to.

These are some spots in Puerto Rico that you can look in and be assured that you will have a great time being based here for the rest of your tour.

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