Expats in Europe – How to Find Other Expatriates Living in Europe

An expat, or expatriate, is simply a person who is not residing in their homeland country. Americans, British, Australian, and even Indian travel to all different parts of the world to see different cultures and ways of life. However, doing this on your own can get pretty lonely so you need to find others like you that you can relate to. If you do not make friends on your journey then you won’t get the best and most potential experience out of it. Expats can even be a citizen of the new country that they are living in too so a permanent new life requires new friends.

Online resources like websites, forums and social networking sites are really the best way to find other expats. Otherwise you would be left to searching in the streets and in a foreign country that can be a dangerous and long task. All you need to do is to load your preferred search engine and type in what you are looking for in and in what country. From there you can find tons of different resources you can use to find British expats living in Europe. There are even telephone services along with the internet services.

One of the best ways to find other British expats living in Europe is through the internet. There are quite a few websites where expats can chat and eventually meet up if they are in the same area. One of the first websites for expats living in France is Practical Paris. This discussion forum has quite a few categories for expats in Paris, France to chat about. You can learn about transportation, nightlife, jobs and even dating from this website. One of the fastest growing websites for expats to find each other is Go Brittany. Whether you are looking for places to rent or buy, translators, or even just everyday activities in Brittany this is the place to do it.

One of the oldest relocation agency specialist, Bonneau Services, is also based in the heart of Brittany. This is one of the best ways to find other expats in your area and find ways to get a fresh new start with everything you need. For the expats in Pyrenees, Ariege and South West France Ariege Life is a great online community site to try out. You can meet people or find out the best activities to do in the area.

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