Eastern Europe Tour – Reasons to Visit Hungary

Eastern Europe Tour – Reasons to Visit Hungary

Thinking about your next travel destination? You probably haven’t considered Hungary, but there are plenty of good reasons why you should.

This former eastern bloc country, no longer under the iron thumb of Russia, has emerged as one of the most overlooked, yet most interesting and beautiful countries in Europe.

Hungary is very inexpensive. Compared to a more familiar, traditional destination (such as Disney World or Universal Studios), you can literally get two times more for your dollar in Hungary than you could if visiting one of the Florida mega themed parks. Meals, hotel stays, and shopping are all priced very low, making Hungary one of the most cost-effective holiday destinations. You could literally stay longer on vacation, for less money, if you visit Hungary.

Like many other Eastern European countries, there is still very little “westernization” occurring here. While this country does enjoy modernization (don’t think for one minute that you’ll be forced to ride donkeys to get around, or draw water from an old fashioned well), there are still areas which have older styled/traditional hotels, small family operated restaurants, and non-commercialized shops. Hungary provides the opportunity for a genuine, unique family vacation experience, simply because they have so few McDonalds, and so far, no K-Marts.

Another reason to visit Hungary, owing to the economy, is the opportunity to purchase souvenirs, jewelry, toys, etc. at very low prices. Hand made craft items, clothing, military memorabilia, books, whatever you are looking for are available, at discounted prices. When you return home from Hungary, you may be bringing an extra suitcase with you, that you didn’t take when you left – just to hold all of the extra stuff you can buy.

While taking advantage of learning about a different/traditional culture which has not yet been diluted by Taco Bell’s or Olive Gardens, enjoy and learn about some of the interesting native cuisine. Like many of the other foods from Eastern Europe, Hungary’s menu may consists of simple, yet interesting and very satisfying foods. Allow you and your family to sample goulash, borscht, many varieties of beers, wines, pickled fish, meat filled pastries, etc. This hearty peasant food may not be luxurious, but it isn’t skimpy, and you’ll definitely go home with memories (and probably a few more pounds).

Another little known fact about Hungary is that it is home to some of the most beautiful, natural resources in Europe. One of these, a favorite of explorers and climbers, is the extensive underground cave system. Travelers have been traveling here for years, intrigued and in awe of the massive, natural creation, spending time exploring these underground wonders.

One favorite place for both celebrities and practitioners of holistic medicine is the not-so-well-known cave bath of Miskolctapolca. This place is special for its natural thermal bath. Since the 1600’s, people have been traveling to this sacred bath, seeking healing (and in many documented instances obtaining it) from a variety of ailments.

For most people thinking about where to spend their vacations, Hungary is probably not even thought of. However, after just a bit of research, you may just discover that this overlooked place might be your first choice for travel.

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