Choose Your Aviation Headset Carefully

For pilots, it is vital not to skimp on quality concerning the type of headset that is worn. One of the most important decisions a pilot will ever have to make is to select a high quality and reliable headset. A headset should offer optimum performance as well as provide you with a comfortable fit for long-term use. It is extremely important that you are able to clearly hear and communicate with both air and traffic control as well as with other crew and passengers. A high quality headset reduces background engine noise which can actually damage your hearing with long term exposure.

Avcomm aviation is a leading manufacturer of high quality headsets. Avcomm began manufacturing headsets back in the early 1990s and since then the company has grown and developed in leaps and bounds and takes great pride in being one of the leading developers of high quality headsets on the market today. Every Avcomm aviation headset features PNR audio technology which is the latest technology advancement in acoustic sound management. Avcomm aviation headsets greatly reduce that pesky inner ear cup vibration found on many other headsets and offer an increase in noise attenuation as well as a decrease in overall weight for your comfort. Avcomm aviation headsets offer you revolutionary speakers that deliver unparallelled audio performance that is second to none.

Another great choice in a top-quality aviation headset is the David Clark 13.4. With the 13.4 you get a super lightweight headset, a NRR-23 db level of hearing protection and a standard noise canceling microphone, gel-filled ear seals as well as an incredibly comfortable double foamed head pad. The 13.4 also features a universal flex boom so you receive the ultimate microphone placement. The low profile volume control knobs on the 13.4 come with detent settings as well. David Clark also offers a five year warranty on the 13.4. When shopping for this headset do not be confused with the model number as the 13.4 is also referred to as the David Clark h10.

If you are looking for the best headset that money can buy, the two mentioned above are two of the very most popular and trusted aviation headsets on the market. Consider doing a bit more research online to find what actual users have to say.

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