Cheap Italian Souvenirs

If you’re going to Italy for a vacation, one of the things that you’re planning to do would be to shop for Italian souvenirs. After all, you would want to take home a piece of Italy with you as a reminder for a wonderful vacation that you’ve had in the country. However, with your shoestring budget, you’re worried that you may not be able to buy the things that you want during the trip.

The good news is, there are lots of cheap souvenirs available in Italy that will not cause for you to break the bank. In Venice, Limoncello bottles, sparkling wines, peach puree cocktails, and colorful bracelets as souvenirs. Prices for these souvenirs range from $9 to $20 apiece.

In Florence, there are lots of purses, wallets, and scarves that you can buy as a souvenir. However, if you want something cheaper, you can buy the Small Tacky David, available in most Florence markets. This would only cost you $4.50.

If you are also going to Rome, you would want to check out Coliseum statuettes, Catholic calendars, and keychains that bear the face of the pope. Now, if you want something less expensive, you might want to check out the wooden bead bracelets that feature popes, Catholic saints, and the Virgin Mary. Each bracelet only costs $6. You may also get the terracotta cross for $12 or the mini desk calendar of Pope Benedict XVI for $1.50. If you want to buy something edible, try the Castroni Funghi Rositi or the Oscar ’78 Pesto alla Genovese, which are both less than $20.

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