Caribbean Vacations and Diving Expeditions in Bonaire

Caribbean vacations and diving expeditions go hand-in-hand. The vivid blue-green waters of the Caribbean Sea are home to some of the world’s most pristine coral reefs. The entire coastline surrounding Bonaire Island, which lies just outside the Hurricane belt, has been declared a marine sanctuary. Every year, certified scuba divers and people with a penchant for tropical fun and adventure come to the area, drawn by the promise of scenic views both above and below the island’s waterline.

The island of Bonaire comprises one third of the popular vacation island triad, ABC Islands. Like Aruba and Curacao, the island’s economy thrives on tourism. Home to one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the island is flecked with beachside resorts that promise the best Caribbean vacations.

Recreational divers and shore snorkeling enthusiasts are sure to have the time of their life in Bonaire. Dubbed as one of the world’s top five diving destinations, the marine sanctuary is easily accessible from the shore along the western and southern side of the island. The coral reefs boast of colorful, diverse marine life, some of which are endemic to Caribbean waters. Some of the most popular Bonaire diving sites are located off the coast of the uninhabited Klein Bonaire. The Hilma Hooker, a 70-meter cargo ship purposely sunk a distance away from the island, and Our Confidence, are two shipwrecks that also attract numerous divers each year.

With its magnificent diving destinations and excellent vacation sites, it is no wonder why Bonaire Island is a prime spot for Caribbean vacations.

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