Belize – Paradise on Earth

Belize, a small country located on the Caribbean coast may be lesser known for some, but this place offers an absolutely amazing experience. The best place to spend your vacations while in Belize is the country’s largest city Belize City. This city is located on the mouth of Belize river; one of the factors responsible for making it one of the best places to spend your vacations. Belize City offers a rich blend of cultures from different parts of the world. The hospitality of the city is simply flattering as tourism has been one of the main sources of revenue generation for the city.

The main attraction of Belize is the ancient Mayan caves. These caves were used by ancient Maya Indians as their place of worship; however, now it has become a great option for adventure sports enthusiasts. A typical vacation packages to Belize includes Belize cave tubing. You are given an expedition tour of the ancient caves while sitting in an inflated inner tractor tyre. Even though the expedition is led by safety professionals, the aura of the caves and the tyre ride are enough to sum up for an exhilarating experience for the explorers. Belize cave tubing is appreciated by most; however, if you are not too much of an adventure sports person, this place has many other fun activities to offer.

You can opt for snorkeling in Belize River, a trip to the Belize zoo, zip-lining, bird-watching, or can simply relax at one of the jungle resorts this place has to offer. Although the staff of all the hotels in Belize will make every possible effort to make your trip memorable for a lifetime, if you are a nature person, you can always find a place in the lap of Mother Nature at a jungle resort.

If you are planning to buy a vacation packages to Belize, you can simply use web search to find the websites of suitable resorts and hotels offering a number of vacation packages to Belize, and you can simply choose the package as per your areas of interest.

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