Beautiful Mauritius (2)

Beautiful Mauritius (2)

1. Sega—the most common entertainment

With bright and brisk tempo, Sega reveals people’s interests on boldness and freedom. Every people in Mauritius grew up with the companionship of Sega. This kind of dance us really special to Mauritius people because it is created by the black slaves in Africa. After whole-day tiredness, it is really a entertainment way to dance around the campfire. Only at this time can they put aside the hardship of work. Nowadays, in Mauritius, we can see the signs of Sega no matter where we are. Traditional Sega used some special music instrument. Along the coastal line or in some remote villages, you can also see the Sega party with campfire. Although the modern Sega is combined with modern musical instruments and is influence by modern music, the traditional Sega still wins the favor of many people.

2. Beaches—various kinds of sceneries

Mauritius is a volcano islands surrounded by sea. The mountain goes up from the south and then goes down from middle part. Apart from a small part of coastal line in the southern part, the whole island is almost surrounded by coral reefs. Along the coast of coral reefs, there are white and soft beaches. If you take a look at the sea, you can enjoy the blue fascinating sea and female visitors with bronze-colored skin. As for visitors who want to enjoy a sunbath, clean seawater and endless white sand undoubtedly constitute a paradise here which can provide people with unapproachable leisure place. In addition, visitors can have fun with the local people in the weekends.

3. Holiday Inn—unexpected romance

Mauritius was always a leisure place for the upper-middle class. Therefore, there are numerous first-class hotels here in the island. It seems as the exclusive region of Europe people. All the airlines in Europe fly to Mauritius. Now it is the private holiday area of those rich people in Europe. Every five-star hotel in Mauritius owns its own private beach as well as forest park. Considerate service here makes visitors who come here feel moving and intimate. When you are walking on the beaches of Mauritius, you will never see numerous people as you can see on the beaches in other countries. On the contrary, there are chairs on the beach which are available for your rest. And, there are also many small bridges which can make you feel romantic.

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