Air Charters: A Different Type of Flying Experience

When you think of air charters, you may tend to think of them as unaffordable, unnecessary, and perhaps impracticable. However, air charters offer a different type of service as well as a different type of flying experience.

We can start with the obvious benefits air charters have over airlines. Of course there’s the airport itself. The amount of time and effort involved before even boarding the plane is a hassle. With ever-increasing wait times and delays, flying is losing its once prestigious way of travel.

Imagine being able to bypass the wait times, security lines, and regulations. Better yet, add the option of having your own plane, choosing your destination, and departure time. Air charters are great since they offer a different type of flying experience.

To start, since the planes are smaller, flights originate from regional and local airports. There are thousands of these airports across the country. Many of us are probably unaware of how many of these airports are near where we live, work, or where we are planning to go. Therefore, choosing your departure is closer than you may think. Not only do we have more choices in choosing a departure, we also have the option of choosing the time to depart. And once you arrive at the airport, your crew is waiting for you to board- right away!

The type of planes offered by air charters vary according to passenger size, speed, and weight. A charter can offer anything from a single engine Cessna which can carry 3 passengers (plus pilot), to a commercial jet which can carry as much as any airline.

The flying experience is quite exceptional. Excluding luxurious amenities offered in business jets, the ride can be quite spectacular. Smaller planes can fly at lower altitudes and have fewer restrictions as far as their flight path. Your pilot (or crew) may even turn your flight into a scenic adventure.

The general conception of air charters is that the flights are expensive. While this may be true in certain regards, in other cases it is not. Most air charters price flights at an hourly rate. Others may offer rates on pre-defined flights. Many offer discounts based on the number of passengers. Lastly, many charters offer discount on empty leg seats.

You have more options out there than you may think. When choosing your next vacation or destination, take a look and see the many options that air charters can offer you. You’ll be surprise to know there’s a few companies to choose from where you are right now.

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