5 Reasons New Zealand Should Be On Your Travel Destination List

As the youngest country in the World, New Zealand has a ton to offer – fabulous scenery, friendly people, a deep and rich culture, and world class infrastructure and accommodations. For these reasons and more, Conde Nast Traveler magazine named New Zealand the number one tourist destination in 2008.

In addition to a top tourist destination, New Zealand is rising among destinations for orthopedic surgeries, such as knee and hip replacement surgery, hip resurfacing surgery. This mainly due to the fact that these orthopedic procedures can be done at a fraction of the cost charged in the U.S. and they’re performed in state-of-the-art facilities by highly trained doctors. Combining the tourist demand with the health or medical tourism popularity and New Zealand has a lot to offer.

Here are 5 reasons New Zealand should be on your travel destination list…

  1. The Climate – In the northern part of New Zealand it’s subtropical and in the south it’s temperate. It’s the ultimate getaway for beating the winters in the U.S. with the warmest months being December, January, and February.
  2. The People – Friendly and accommodating, New Zealanders will provide an exceptional travel experience. They’ve embraced fashion, lifestyles and culinary tastes of Europeans and the people of the Pacific Rim and added a traditional influence, the combination yielding a 21st culture unique to New Zealand.
  3. The Scenery – From stunning Abel Tasman National Park to volcanoes, glaciers, and clean cities, New Zealand will satisfy even the pickiest of travelers. As the backdrop for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the scenery in New Zealand played a starring role!
  4. Safety – New Zealand is consistently rated one of the safest countries in the world, thanks to extremely low crime rates, low incidents of endemic and infectious diseases, and a first-world healthcare system. You’ll feel secure exploring a unique and exotic country and culture without the travel dangers that can often go with it.
  5. Healthcare – As earlier mentioned, New Zealand is fast becoming a health tourism destination for orthopedic procedures like joint replacement surgeries. The costs can be as much as 80 percent lower than in the U.S. and include air, hotel, and all medical costs. The facilities are state-of-the-art and the doctors are highly trained. You can experience a top tourist destination, while taking the first step to eliminating pain chronic knee pain or hip pain at night.

Get out there, see new places and take care of yourself. If you need orthopedic surgery options they’re out there, but New Zealand could be the best destination of them all.

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